CNI Research Reports

05-07-2018 Camlin Fine Science Ltd (Expansion Continues)
24-05-2018 GSFC Ltd (Good growth trajectory)
24-04-2018 Sudarshan Chemicals Ltd (Book profit)
17-04-2018 Butterfly Gandhimathi Ltd (Target achieved)
14-03-2018 SREI Infrastructure Finance Ltd
01-02-2018 Budget -2018
24-01-2018 CNI Budget Expectation
23-01-2018 Jindal world wide Ltd (Huge potential ahead)
27-12-2017 CMI Cables Ltd( Revised Target)
03-12-2017 Acrysil Ltd ( Long way to go)
30-11-2017 Butterfly Gandhimathi Ltd (Second Target Revised)
08-11-2017 Butterfly Gandhimathi Ltd (Target Revised)
08-11-2017 Torrent Power Ltd (Target Revised)
16-10-2017 Diwali top pics 2017
27-09-2017 CMI Cables Ltd (Huge potential ahead)
06-09-2017 Finolex Cable Ltd (Book profit)
31-08-2017 Sanghi Industries Ltd (Book profit)
30-08-2017 Bharat Electronic Ltd (Book Profit)
16-08-2017 Cosco India Ltd (Fondness for fitness)
06-07-2017 Oriental Carbon & chemicals Ltd (Target Revised)
06-07-2017 Multibase India Ltd (Book Profit)
21-06-2017 Multibase India Ltd (Valuable Gem) Target Revised
31-05-2017 Multibase India Ltd (Valuable Gem)
03-05-2017 CNI Performance
23-03-2017 Oriental Carbon & chemicals Ltd (Oligopoly market)
01-02-2017 CNI budget analysis
27-12-2016 Glaxosmithkline Pharmaceuticals Ltd(Long way to go)
22-12-2016 Sundaram Brake Lining Ltd (Target achieved)
22-12-2016 Balasore alloys Ltd (Upgrade)
20-12-2016 IMFA (Target achieved)
14-11-2016 Demonetisation
28-10-2016 Diwali top pics
31-08-2016 Sudarshan chemical industries Ltd (India a growing force)
08-06-2016 Bharat Electronic Ltd (Better days ahead)
29-02-2016 CNI Budget analysis 16/17
01-02-2016 Torrent Power Ltd (Long Term Trigger in Place)
23-12-2015 Mecator Lines Ltd (Book profit)
02-12-2015 Kinetic Engineering Ltd (Book profit)
02-12-2015 Integra Engineering Ltd (Book profit)
16-11-2015 Gayatri Project Ltd (Book profit)
18-09-2015 Gayatri Project Ltd (Looks Quite Impressive)
16-09-2015 Mercator Lines ltd (Huge potential ahead)
17-07-2015 Sundaram Brake Lining Ltd (Hiuge potential ahead)
01-06-2015 Sanghi Industries Ltd (Huge potential ahead)
16-04-2015 Kirloskar Oil Engine Ltd (Huge potential ahead)
13-01-2015 Basant Agro tech India Ltd (Agriculture- A new story)
09-01-2015 Kinetic Engineering Ltd (Strong Auto Demand to Drive Demand)
20-11-2014 Finolex Cable Ltd (Target revised)
12-11-2014 Aurion Pro Solution ltd (Government order to boost earning) Q2 FY15 Result update
10-11-2014 Integra Engineering India ltd (Huge scope ahead)
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