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What CNI stands for…..

CNI stands for conviction. Whenever market was in deep crisis CNI immerged front runner of morale boosting. This made 62K odd viewers of CNI to pose confidence on CNI throughout the crisis of post LEHMAN in 2008.

Rightly so CNI did not disappoint its family of 62 K direct members and millions of indirect viewers which heavily relied on expertise of CNI in predicting the trend of the market.

In April 2009 CNI made its first report ahead of the street when Sensex was at 8400 saying that market is bottomed out with 6 month target of 14300. DOW JONES flashed this report across the globe and global investor’s community got an opportunity to see the CNI credentials. The target was hit in just 45 days which made CNI to set a new target of 21000 by Dec 2010 which again seen the light of the day on DIWALI day.

Through out this journey many market experts kept on washing the brains of millions and millions investors saying that market will not cross 15000 16000 18000 etc and poor retail investors following their advise kept on selling shares at every rise.

Now Sensex is at 18000 and market is plagued with many scams which has again shaken confidence of retail investors. At this juncture we believe that you need CNI support as CNI team believes that market is heading for 24000 in FY 2011.

This all was possible for 3 reasons. One CNI was not a broking firm and heavily relied on their own content and research to form views on market. Its objective was not that investors exit in losses and re enter but to protect their wealth which was created after long struggle.

The other 2 reasons were that CNI has content team which works like detectives to find out future happenings which is the lifeline of the market. Post mortem is done by 99.99% community and there is nothing new for you to act but sure for react. And CNI used its own content for formulating forward going research reports which is again rare in the industry. IDBI was wire example. CNI came out with report using own content as a turnaround story. Market and many FII analysts rejected saying IDBI will remain a dirty play. Some big investors picked the spot and now IDBI has become darling of the street but surely when the price is doubled. In case of VIP this happened when the price bumped from Rs 35 to 600 when street changed their opinion though CNI stuck with their report at Rs 35.

Since FEB 2009 till date CNI has worked at 90% plus strike rate in FUTURES and derivatives calls with not a single month reporting loss. The calls in A gr are based on the market insight and our own content and research and the profit has been worked out on the basis of minimum 1 lot in futures. The net result is profit in all the 21 months under irrespective of huge volatility in the market, opening a new chapter on skills of future trading. No protection yet the strike rate of 90% plus.

WEBSITE  has been designed to give ready information about all the stocks, their Balance Sheet data, 8 quarters results, 4 quarters shareholding at stretch, 200 DMA, all bulk deal at one click, all deliverable quantity at one click and the Directors report which gives clear insight on the stock.

Having said this CNI is now making a big stride forward to raise its viewer ship from current 62K to past 2 lacs in next 2 years. It has announced merger of its subsidiary co which is into KPO for stock market into CNI research ltd. It also announced acquisition of global consultancy firm perfect company advise Ltd. It has launched IER concept for the first time which is becoming popular among the corporate members. It has already started making content available in 4 languages English, Gujrathi Marathi and national language HINDI.

CNI is already having arrangements with global agencies such as Reuters, Dow Jones, Bloomberg, PTI, Standard and Poor, Suvidhaa shapoorji gr co, Wakabayashi Japan and almost all leading domestic newspapers where the content is shared on mutual understanding. Our views are very well accepted by these agencies as base study which makes clear of our quality and foresight which is helping out members to reach conclusion.

CNI has smart capital market products such as IER (Independent Equity Research), Street Call ( A gr trading call with 90% accuracy ), MB ( multi baggers that is investment calls ) and Chakry comments ( commentary on market ). The cost of product varies from Rs 700 pm to Rs 33090 pm and there is vast scope of income earnings. CNI has reported top line over Rs 30 mn only through subscriptions and hence the scope for franchisees to make this as income model can be easily worked out.         

We are now in the process of expanding our reach to PAN India and for that we are set to appoint 1000 odd franchises. To make CNI familiar to you we are sending this letter to you and seeking your response to the same. May we therefore request your goodself to log in to register on website select category others and 007 code which will allow free log in facility to see CNI website. Log in will be activated once you send email at 

This is the beginning of the new era where CNI has stepped out one step and shaking hands with you and expecting a same response from you.


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